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  • Putting a Patient in Too Deep Sleep

Putting a Patient in Too Deep Sleep

A 42-year-old female underwent an emergency gallbladder surgery. The surgical aspect of the procedure went well, but the anesthesiologist was unable to awaken the patient in the post-operative recovery room. The patient remained in a coma for two weeks, during which time a brain injury resulted. The husband of the patient was informed that a too-high dosage of anesthesia was provided to his wife. The patient had to learn how to express herself again through verbal exercises and months of occupational therapy.

Assessing the duty of an anesthesiologist

The responsibility for the patient being sedated during the surgery is possessed by the anesthesiologist. It is critical for the anesthesiologist to monitor vital signs throughout the procedure and care for the patient in the post-operative recovery room to ensure the patient awakens without issue.

 In order to determine whether negligence occurred, the following is required:

  • Anesthesiologist breached the owed duty by administering too high an anesthesia dosage,
  • The administration of  too high a dosage caused the patient’s injuries
  • Patient suffered damages

Since the patient undergoing gallbladder surgery endured significant injuries, and the hospital staff admitted the anesthesia dosage was too large, a medical malpractice claim should likely be filed. According to a leading news agency, medical errors, such as an anesthesia dosage error, kill more than 250,000 people annually in the United States, and injure millions. Contacting a prominent District of Columbia medical malpractice firm with more than 40 years of experience representing victims and their families faced with injuries from a medical error is critical to one’s case.

Obtain aid from a highly regarded District of Columbia medical malpractice law firm

Attorneys from the Jack H. Olender & Associates, PC law firm, seek the highest level of compensation for clients who are injured by medical practitioners. Lawyers of the firm are experienced in representing clients who have undergone anesthesia errors resulting in debilitating injuries in the District of Columbia.

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