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Joshua Basile, Esq.

Personal Story

Joshua Basile, Esq., decided to pursue a legal career to help and fight for the catastrophically injured after suffering his own catastrophic injury in 2004. Mr. Basile's life changed forever while on family vacation when he suffered a severe spinal cord injury resulting in permanent paralysis. As a quadriplegic, he knows firsthand the daily struggles of the catastrophically injured and the importance of doing everything possible to improve one's quality of life in such a situation.

After graduating magna cum laude from law school and passing the Maryland bar and District of Columbia bar, Mr. Basile became the newest associate to join Jack H. Olender & Associates. His empathetic voice and passion to help others is a great addition to the already diverse legal team.

Early Years

While in law school, Mr. Basile took every opportunity to gain valuable courtroom and legal experience. During his first year, he learned the ins and outs of the courtroom while working as a judicial intern for the Honorable Ellen Huvelle in the US District Court for the District of Columbia. He then clerked for the law firm of Ashcraft & Gerel LLP where he experience the day-to-day operation of a tort-based personal injury law firm. During his second year, he gained policy experience while clerking for Senator Tom Harkin and the Senate's Health, Education, Labor, and Pension (HELP) Committee. He was then selected for the prestigious summer internship at the Civil Division of the United States Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of Virginia. During his third and final year, he became a Senior Editor of his law school's Law Review and joined the demanding Housing & Consumer Law Clinic where he completed 450+ hours of free legal services for District of Columbia residents. He received his Rule 48 Legal Assistance Certification from the District of Columbia Court of Appeals Committee on Admissions which allowed him to practice law under the direct supervision of his clinic professor and supervisor. All the while he founded the first District of Columbia Student Trial Lawyers Association chapter which educates law students about the trial litigation world and provides valuable opportunities outside of the classroom. During his last semester, he began interning for Jack H. Olender & Associates. The law firm's commitment to its clients and empowering working environment solidified Mr. Basile's decision to pursue a career fighting for the catastrophically injured as a plaintiff trial attorney.

Outside the Courtroom

Mr. Basile's passion for helping the catastrophically injured continues outside his legal career. Mr. Basile is the founder and president of the Determined2heal Foundation Inc. which helps  simplify the difficult transition into life with paralysis for families living with a spinal cord injury. Early on, he recognized the importance of mentors in a newly injured person's life and the impact one has on improving that person's quality of life. To make sure that a diverse selection of mentors were always available for anyone, at any time, within the spinal cord injury community he cofounded SPINALpedia.com. SPINALpedia is an online video mentoring website with thousands of community members and videos available 24/7. Each member and video has a unique set of physical functionality tags pairing  relevant mentors and videos to those searching on the website.

Mr. Basile's competitive attitude also continues outside of his legal career. He is an inventor of both a device and a sport. He holds a patent for a golf device that he created that allows those with physical limitations to putt a golf ball anywhere on a golf green or on a miniature golf course. His putting device is used in the sport that he created called Slingshot Golf and allows both able-bodied and disabled players to play against each other on a golf course. 

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