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3 Top Reasons to Choose The Malpractice Law Firm Jack H. Olender & Associates for Your Child’s Cerebral Palsy or Other Catastrophic Injury Case

1. Experts in-house plus independent experts. Dr. Robert Chabon, M.D., J.D., board-certified Pediatrician/Lawyer is Of Counsel to the firm and Lesley S. Zork, R.N., J.D., Labor and Delivery Nurse/Lawyer is in- house Nurse/Lawyer Consultant. They help us get on the ground running.

Because time is of the essence in these cases, prompt determination of the time limits for “notice requirements” and filing law suits and which jurisdiction is most favorable must be made before time runs out. Our in-house expertise and substantial experience allows us to find the right venue and medical experts in time to help us successfully prosecute a case on your behalf.

2. Over 200 verdicts and settlements of more than $1 Million each. As a young lawyer, our founder, president, and managing attorney Jack Olender in 1976 obtained the first million dollar plus verdict in the U.S. ($2.5 million) for an obstetric malpractice case. The Olender team has produced over 200 more such verdicts and settlements, some of $10 Million or more, particularly in cerebral palsy and other birth injury and brain damage cases.

3. We advance the costs (deposition costs, expert witness fees, etc.) which can amount to more than $100,000), and work the case on a contingent fee basis. Our fee, a percentage of the proceeds, is paid only on the successful resolution of the case (by trial or settlement). We do not require the client to pay any retainer fee or advance any litigation costs.

Please call our firm at (202) 879-7777 for a FREE consultation if your case involves serious medical malpractice or personal injury and we will be happy to discuss it with you.

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