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People place an inordinately high level of trust in the medical professionals who care for them, and supposedly are knowledgeable regarding the conditions they present with. During a surgical procedure wherein a patient is unconscious and totally under the control of medical professionals, that trust is all encompassing.  Should a surgical error occur at the time when the patient is most vulnerable, the patient and their family need an advocate to help identify the complex circumstances that led to their surgical injuries.  The patient and their families need to know whether the cause involves unavoidable circumstances or preventable surgical errors.

Consequently, patients need attorneys with a unique set of skills and resources to help identify the complex circumstances that have upended their lives.  The Malpractice Law Firm Jack H. Olender & Associates, PC has healthcare professionals on our staff and a network of impressive medical professionals available to help determine what events before, during or after the surgery caused injuries to our clients.  The Olender firm has the extra distinct advantage of employing a physician/lawyer and nurse/lawyer to help us prepare the case and point us in the right direction. 

Simple errors occur at an alarming rate

Anyone who goes into a hospital for surgery assumes the facility has basic safeguards in place to prevent obvious errors, often known as never-events. Yet in December 2012, Johns Hopkins Medicine reported that surgical never-events occur at least 4,000 times annually in the United States. Their analysis of medical malpractice judgments and claims over 20 years found that these events resulted in death to 6.6 percent of patients, permanent injury to 32.9 percent of patients, and temporary injuries to 59.2 percent of patients. The Olender attorneys are skilled at recognizing surgical errors and producing outstanding resolutions in cases where this has occurred.

Common surgical errors and their estimated error rates include:

  • Foreign objects left in the body (49.8 percent)
  • Performance of the incorrect procedure (25.1 percent)
  • Surgery performed on the wrong site on the body (24.8 percent)
  • Procedures performed on the wrong patient (0.3 percent)

1990 – 2010 Settlement statistics from National Practitioner Data Bank.

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The award-winning legal team at Jack H. Olender & Associates, PC has been advocating for the rights of patients for over four decades. We diligently pursue claims of doctor or hospital negligence or errors made by any healthcare provider to help ensure our clients receive the full compensation they deserve.

At Jack H. Olender & Associates, PC, we approach every case as a team. We combine our attorneys’ 200 years of malpractice and injury law experience produce an indomitable resource for victims of avoidable tragedies.

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