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The Pioneer, experienced cerebral palsy attorneys fight for the injured

The Malpractice Law Firm Jack H. Olender & Associates, PC set the national standard over 30 years ago when Jack Olender, Founder and President, won the country’s first seven-figure jury verdict for a child suffering from cerebral palsy and birth injury.  Since that historic court judgment, the Olender firm’s team of attorneys have won at trial or successfully settled 200 cases in excess of $1 million dollars each.

The Olender firm attorneys know the cerebral palsy world both in the hospital, courtroom and at home.  Our Of Counsel, pediatrician/ attorney and our labor and delivery nurse/ attorney both have firsthand knowledge and experience in treating patients and evaluating whether the proper medical standard of care was breached.. Our trial attorneys have represented numerous cerebral palsy clients, spending thousands of hours with different families at the office, in the courtroom and at their homes.  

We strongly believe that we best serve our clients by taking the time to understand cerebral palsy and its horrendous impact on their daily lives which, for most of our clients, is a traumatic experience of lifelong care, treatment, therapy, rehabilitation and many daily physical and mental struggles.  This lifestyle leads to dependence on others, many sacrifices by loved ones and millions of dollars of expenses and losses over a lifetime.

For four decades, our firm has held negligent medical providers and parties responsible both legally and financially. Our goal is to achieve the best results possible to improve the quality of life of your injured family member.   

Understanding cerebral palsy and its effects

Cerebral palsy is generally described as a neurological brain injury caused by oxygen deprivation immediately prior to birth or shortly thereafter.  The effects are often exhibited as discordant muscle movement/coordination, paralysis and spasticity, as well as cognitive disorders such as impaired speech and hearing, learning disabilities, eating difficulties, seizures, and often impaired sight or blindness. 

While cerebral palsy is frequently caused by trauma or health complications around the time of birth, children may still be affected during early childhood while their brains are still developing. The effects of cerebral palsy can be overwhelming and often require the best medical, nursing, therapeutic, rehabilitative and educational care to enhance the patient’s quality of life.  A successful lawsuit can often win a much better quality of life for the innocent victim.

Our firm champions cerebral palsy cases caused by medical mistakes, including failure to:

  • Perform a timely cesarean section
  • Correctly respond to fetal distress
  • Respond appropriately and promptly to abnormalities on fetal heart monitor strips
  • Properly use forceps
  • Correctly perform vacuum extraction
  • Treat or prevent infection during pregnancy, labor and delivery
  • Prescribe appropriate medications during pregnancy
  • React quickly and appropriately to evidence of a baby's lack of oxygen
  • Respond appropriately to severe jaundice
  • Deal with Rh incompatibility
  • Have a neonatologist present for high-risk deliveries
  • Consult appropriate high-risk specialists when warranted

With 200 years of combined legal experience in medical malpractice and personal injury law, the team at The Malpractice Law Firm Jack H. Olender & Associates understand the medicine and science underlying the many causes, diagnosis and treatment of a preventable cerebral palsy injury. Our legal team can be relied upon to aggressively prosecute your case following these critical injuries.

Gain the strength to help your family and your children

Cerebral palsy cases are complex and can be difficult to prove.  Our attorneys at The Malpractice Law Firm Jack H. Olender & Associates have shown time after time that we are up to the challenge, given our history of success.

Let our team help you

Contact us to see the difference our exceptional medical malpractice and catastrophic personal injury attorneys can make in your case and in your life.  There is no risk in calling, as the firm does not charge a consultation fee and generally works on a contingent (percentage) fee arrangement, where no legal fees are paid if money is not recovered on your behalf.  We practice in District of Columbia and Maryland courts.

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