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The emergency room at most hospitals is a battleground, as doctors, nurses and their assistants rush around desperately trying to save lives and manage life-threatening injuries. In this chaotic atmosphere, healthcare workers find themselves making quick decisions in their attempt to rescue patients. However, this hectic environment is a breeding ground for errors that can cause additional injuries to patients. The law recognizes the unique nature of emergency treatment and typically holds emergency medical workers to a different standard than patients might expect from a traditional healthcare worker. But when their failure to meet that standard causes needless injuries, victims have the right to hold them accountable. The legal team at Jack H. Olender & Associates, PC understands the physical, emotional and financial devastation patients and their families face when errors in the emergency room cause long-term or permanent medical issues or death. We have the experience, compassion and know-how to explore all avenues in the pursuit of the compensation our clients deserve.

Emergency care can be negligent care

A study of recently closed medical emergency department malpractice claims revealed some significant statistics regarding emergency room errors. The National Institutes of Health reported that half of the claims related to one of two types of errors:

Diagnostic errors (37 percent) can cause additional injury when patients do not receive timely treatment — or when they receive the wrong treatment or medication, which can introduce new medical issues.

Improper performance of procedures (17 percent) can cause damage to bones or internal organs, infections or a host of other concerns while not appropriately treating the original complaint.

Naturally, emergency room personnel often must race the clock to stabilize critically ill or injured patients before turning them over for traditional medical care and treatment. While the law does not expect them to save all patients, they are nevertheless expected to hold to a basic standard of care. When their treatment falls below that standard, patients or their families may have the right to pursue a medical malpractice claim.

Our legal team addresses the challenges of emergency room error claims

Because of privacy laws and other issues, obtaining an injured patient’s medical records to pursue an effective claim can be hampered, even if the injured consented to their release. In addition, the frenzied pace of the emergency room can result in an abbreviated record-keeping process during treatment. Our lawyers know the legal process required to efficiently obtain patient records. Incidentally, Maryland law requires a person requesting a decedent’s medical records have court appointment as representative of the estate, while a fairly new District of Columbia law allows a “survivor” of the decedent to obtain the medical records without court appointment. Our medical experience helps us identify missing information and use other methods to obtain all the data we need to pursue an effective emergency room or hospital negligence claim for our clients. The Olender law firm has the extra distinct advantage of employing a physician/lawyer and nurse/lawyer to help us prepare the case and point us in the right direction.

At Jack H. Olender & Associates, PC, we approach every case as a team. We combine our attorneys’ 200 years of malpractice and injury law experience produce an indomitable resource for victims of avoidable tragedies.

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