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Anesthesiologists play a vital role during surgery. In addition to administering medication to provide pain relief, they also monitor vital signs and report any changes that might indicate a traumatic event. Adverse anesthesia-related events are generally corrected quickly, and patients often are unaware they occurred. However, serious errors can cause severe injury, potentially resulting in life-changing conditions or even death.

Of course, patients under sedation during an event cannot act as their own witnesses, posing additional challenges to claims for injuries caused by anesthesia errors. The outstanding legal team at The Malpractice Law Firm Jack H. Olender & Associates, PC uses its combination of medical and legal knowledge and experience to obtain the evidence needed to fight for the rights of patients in these complex claims.  The Olender law firm has the extra distinct advantage of employing a doctor/lawyer and nurse/lawyer to help us prepare the case and point us in the right direction.

Common anesthesia mistakes

Anesthesiologists are medical doctors, while anesthetists are typically specially trained nurses who work under the supervision of a medical doctor. The law holds both professionals to the same overall standard of care and recognizes the following types of errors as negligence:

  • Incorrect dosage — Too little anesthesia can cause patients to awaken during surgery. When given too much, they run the risk of physical death or brain injury. 
  • Inattention to drug or allergy status — Severe drug interactions and allergic reactions can occur when an anesthesiologist or anesthetist fails to review patient records before choosing the method of anesthesia to be used.  Allergic reactions to the wrong anesthesia can result in stroke, heart attack and death, among other severe consequences.
  • Negligent patient monitoring — Failure to notice and report changes to vital signs is critical to ensuring that all members of the surgical team recognize the need to take life-saving action.

Anesthesia side effects do not necessarily represent medical negligence

Many patients experience some negative effects after receiving general anesthesia. Side effects such as nausea and vomiting, hypothermia, and impaired coordination can last for several days, according to Johns Hopkins Medicine. When patients receive outpatient surgery and return home to recover, they and their family members need to be alerted to the possible side effects, how to address them and when to call for help. These symptoms generally do not reflect any form of negligence.

Since the use of anesthesia carries a degree of risk, even reactions beyond the typical side effects may not necessarily point to surgical center or hospital errors. Patients facing long-term or permanent brain damage or other conditions need a legal advocate prepared to conduct a thorough investigation. The skilled attorneys at Jack H. Olender & Associates, PC have the experience to assess your case and inform you of all legal options that may be available.

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