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No Consultation Fee or Hourly Fee for Our Work

There is absolutely no fee to call our office and discuss your unique medical malpractice or catastrophic injuries with a member of our team. There is no fee for visiting with us and no hourly fee for the time we work on preparing your case, taking discovery and depositions, court appearances, and trial when necessary.

No Fee Unless We Win - Contingency Fee

A contingent fee simply means that we do not get paid unless you recover a verdict or settlement. Our attorneys fee is contingent upon you getting a recovery. It is a percentage (%) of the amount obtained through settlement or by trial.

We advance all Litigation Expenses or “Costs”

 Medical malpractice and catastrophic injury cases are expensive to litigate. Some of the cases we handle cost well over $100,000 in litigation expenses because of expenses such as experts to review the facts and to share their opinions with the judge and jury. We handpick experts and specialists from around the country to build the necessary credibility to prepare and win at trial. They all have to be paid as we go. Court reporters’ fees are another common cost factor. We realize most severely injured clients and their families are in no condition to pay such costs. So we advance all the costs in cases we are willing to pursue for our clients.

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