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  • HMO Lobby Misleads Public in Desperate Attempt

HMO Lobby Misleads Public in Desperate Attempt to Kill Patient's Bill of Rights

July 12, 1999

Washington, D.C. -- Washington malpractice lawyer, Jack Olender today blasted the HMO industry for a blatantly misleading television blitz aimed at subverting the Senate debate this week on managed care.

"The HMO industry has sunk to a new low," said Olender. "Their TV ads try to scare Americans into abandoning a comprehensive Patient's Bill of Rights by falsely claiming that if patients are allowed to sue HMOs for neglect, malpractice and medical wrongdoing, medical insurance costs will escalate and medical insurance will become unavailable to most Americans. However, the Congressional Budget Office says lawsuits against careless HMOs would increase premiums only 1.4%. HMO industry sources confirm that lawsuits have little effect on HMO premiums. Neglect, malpractice and medical wrongdoing by HMOs cause countless deaths and injuries in the United States every year. The HMO industry is perpetrating a cruel hoax on the American public by claiming a real Patient's Bill of Rights would be against the public interest."

Olender is Legislative Chair of Trial Lawyers Association of D.C. and is President of the Bar Association of D.C.

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