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  • Firm’s History With Cerebral Palsy

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From our first case to your case, relentlessly seeking justice

Jack H. Olender & Associates, PC — The Malpractice Law Firm — has been leading the fight in tirelessly pursuing compensation for the devastating impairments and disabilities of cerebral palsy by holding medical providers responsible for their errors. Our lawyers have been advocating for the victims and survivors of medical and hospital malpractice for more than 50 years, helping our clients achieve better, more fulfilling lives and improving the quality of care at hospital and medical offices in the Washington, D.C., area and across the country.

Obtaining the first major obstetric malpractice verdict

In 1976, many people weren’t aware — and never thought — that they could seek compensation from a hospital or physician who injured a child during birth. That year, however, Jack H. Olender took the chance to fight for a young lady who developed cerebral palsy after two resident obstetricians made errors during her birth. As a result, Olender obtained a $2.5 million verdict for the young lady, ensuring that she would receive the proper care for her condition. As a surprise, it turned out that the hospital used the case as an impetus to reform their labor and delivery department, seeking to make the department — and their doctors — perform in a safer, more efficient manner.

At the time, the doctors testifying for the defendants testified that the young lady in that case would never live to see adulthood. Instead of that tragic outcome, the compensation Jack Olender obtained for his client allowed that young lady to get the care she needed, attend college and become a teacher to handicapped children. Winning the case on behalf of that young lady had a tremendous impact on Mr. Olender’s life, inspiring him — and our law firm — to represent many other children with great injuries, as well as creating the Jack and Lovell Olender Foundation, which aims to counter poverty and violence and to promote opportunity and equal justice.

More than 200 verdicts and settlements of more than $1,000,000

Since that first victory for that young lady in 1976, Jack H. Olender & Associates has fought for hundreds of children and adults injured by doctors, dentists, nursing homes and in other incidents. Such verdicts and settlement have ranged from $1 million to over $10 million each.

The “King of Malpractice” can help you

Our attorneys at Jack H. Olender & Associates, PC have shown time after time that we are up to seeking the greatest success for children with cerebral palsy. Contact us online or call 202.879.7777 to see the difference our experienced, compassionate attorneys can make in your case and in your life. The firm generally works on a contingent (percentage) fee arrangement, so no legal fees are paid if money is not recovered on your behalf. We practice in the District of Columbia and Maryland courts.

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