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Patients expect hospitals to maintain a high standard of cleanliness and care that promotes healing. But all too often, people who enter a hospital with one medical condition acquire another possibly serious condition because of hospital and/or caregiver negligence.

Distinguishing between new, unavoidable medical conditions and those that can be prevented through responsible care requires a legal team with substantial medical knowledge. The Washington, D.C. law firm of Jack H. Olender & Associates, PC includes healthcare professionals on our staff of medical negligence attorneys. We understand the pain patients suffer needlessly when doctors and medical staff fail to maintain the standard of care that is needed to protect them during a hospital stay. And it is our mission to help patients recover financially when substandard care leads to injury or illness.

Simple hospital practices can make a difference to patients

During a hospital stay, a patient typically receives care from many caregivers, including the attending physician, surgeons, nurses and other medical professionals. Even when the medical professionals with primary responsibility for treatment perform flawlessly, negligent hospital practices can result in serious injury, illness and death.

A 2010 report by the Office of Inspector General found that in 2008 about 13.5 percent of hospitalized Medicare beneficiaries experienced adverse events during their hospital stays. Surgical and other procedures appear to have led to 26 percent of these adverse events. Other causes included:

  • Medication errors (31 percent)
  • Ongoing patient care (28 percent)
  • Infection (15 percent)

Communication errors between medical professionals, insufficient nursing staff levels or even simple cleanliness issues can lead to serious, even permanent conditions that could have been prevented but instead result in lifetime problems for patients and their families. These failings are considered medical malpractice. If you or a family member has suffered from medical malpractice, you need support from an experienced Washington, D.C. medical negligence attorney.

Patients have limited time to take legal action

The statute of limitations for hospital negligence or any medical malpractice claim in Washington, D.C. is three years. Because patients do not always show symptoms immediately after receiving medical care, the statute begins, or tolls, when the patient knows or should have known of an injury or illness related to medical malpractice. The law also extends tolling requirements under specific circumstances, such as when the injured patient was a minor at the time the incident occurred. Three years may seem like a generous time period, but at Jack H. Olender & Associates, PC our Washington, D.C. medical negligence lawyers take seriously their responsibility to conduct a thorough investigation to unravel all liability issues connected with any medical malpractice claim. Since investigation involves obtaining medical records and identifying potential witnesses and other evidence, injured patients can obtain the most effective results by seeking our legal support as soon as possible.

Let our team help you

At Jack H. Olender & Associates, PC, we approach every case as a team. We combine our attorneys’ 200 years of malpractice and injury law experience produce an indomitable resource for victims of avoidable tragedies.

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