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  • Superhero in Law

Superhero in Law

Although it comes as no surprise to his clients, Washington malpractice lawyer Jack Olender appears to be a "Superhero in Law." Olender, who appears in a full-page picture with the likes of Spidey, Superman, and Batman in the latest publication of Lawdragon Magazine, has again been selected as one of the country's Top 500 Leading Litigators. When the Lawdragon photographer entered Olender's office and selected his toy models of super heroes as the theme for the picture, Olender did not object. He says, "I have been dauntlessly protecting and defending my clients against careless physicians and hospitals and cold-hearted insurance companies for decades; so, why not pose with my mythological inspirations? The only thing I'm disappointed about is the photographer did not get Wonder Woman in the shot. Seven of the nine lawyers in our office are women."

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