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  • Should The Doctor Ever Perform An Episiotomy?

Monthly Archives: November 2013

Should The Doctor Ever Perform An Episiotomy?

An episiotomy is an incision that a doctor makes into a woman’s perineum – the area between the buttocks and vagina – to widen the cervix during delivery. Doctors once made such incisions almost as a matter of routine. Researchers once believed that an episiotomy prevented vaginal tearing and kept the mother’s internal organs in… Read More »

St. Louis Couple Alleges Shocking Birth Injuries

A recent lawsuit claims that doctors decapitated a baby during delivery and then shoved the headless corpse back into the mother’s vagina in an attempt to conceal the error.  The complaint filed in St. Louis Circuit Court alleges that doctors were attempting to perform a vaginal delivery when the infant’s abdomen became lodged in the… Read More »

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