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  • Did the Obstetrician Cause My Baby to Have Cerebral Palsy?

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Did the Obstetrician Cause My Baby to Have Cerebral Palsy?

Expecting her first child any day, a 34-year-old “mom-to-be” in Washington D.C. was prepared for every element of the birth. The day before her due date, she contacted her obstetrician to ask whether she should be admitted into the hospital to be induced since she had been experiencing severe bleeding and cramping over the last… Read More »

Putting a Patient in Too Deep Sleep

A 42-year-old female underwent an emergency gallbladder surgery. The surgical aspect of the procedure went well, but the anesthesiologist was unable to awaken the patient in the post-operative recovery room. The patient remained in a coma for two weeks, during which time a brain injury resulted. The husband of the patient was informed that a… Read More »

Determining Liability in a Malpractice Case With Multiple Defendants

Suffering from shortness of breath and chest pain, a 50-year-old male sought medical treatment at a cardiology medical practice. The man was treated by two physicians because one was on call and had to report to the hospital.  Both physicians diagnosed the patient with acid reflux and instructed him to take an antacid once a… Read More »

Filing a Wrongful Death Action in Washington D.C.

A 22-year-old male dies suddenly during a basketball game due to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Despite required athletic physicals since the age of 10 to play on baseball and basketball teams, the disease was never detected by physicians, even though a significant family history is conveyed in medical records. The physicians never ordered an electrocardiogram or an… Read More »

An Emergency Room Headache – Strokes

This morning, you awoke with a severe headache. You decide to take ibuprofen, and sleep another hour. You then awake with a worse headache, in which even the slightest movement causes severe discomfort. After learning your primary care physician is booked until later in the week, you decide to travel to a local Washington D.C…. Read More »

Study: Cancer Misdiagnosis is Not Uncommon

Over 18,000 cancer patients are misdiagnosed every year, according to researchers at Johns Hopkins University. The study pointed to cases of blatant mislabeling and mis-categorizing, as well as mistakes interpreting biopsy data. Other doctors cited the fact that diagnostic methods have remained essentially unchanged for the last half-century and are now outdated and fail to… Read More »

Washington, D.C. Nursing Homes Earn Passing Grade

Washington, D.C. nursing homes recently received a grade of “C” from an advocacy group, and ranked 29th among the 51 U.S. jurisdictions. The August 2013 report rated the nation’s nursing homes on a number of factors. Washington, D.C.’s care facilities ranked very highly in terms of health inspections (First) and direct care staffing hours (13th)…. Read More »

Should The Doctor Ever Perform An Episiotomy?

An episiotomy is an incision that a doctor makes into a woman’s perineum – the area between the buttocks and vagina – to widen the cervix during delivery. Doctors once made such incisions almost as a matter of routine. Researchers once believed that an episiotomy prevented vaginal tearing and kept the mother’s internal organs in… Read More »

St. Louis Couple Alleges Shocking Birth Injuries

A recent lawsuit claims that doctors decapitated a baby during delivery and then shoved the headless corpse back into the mother’s vagina in an attempt to conceal the error.  The complaint filed in St. Louis Circuit Court alleges that doctors were attempting to perform a vaginal delivery when the infant’s abdomen became lodged in the… Read More »

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